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Instrument Repair and Reconfiguration

VMSTEK (aka Video Measurement Service) offers affordable component-level repair recalibration, and customized retrofits for legacy test and measurement equipment such as HP™ pulse generators, Tektronix™ semiconductor curve tracers and satellite spectrum monitors, and many brand name swtich-mode power supplies as well. Additionally, Joe repairs DK™ multi-channel peak-program audio meters ranging from the two-channel MSD200 meter up through MSD600++ and PTO600M++ surround sound audio meters.

VMSTEK owner Joe Metzger has over 40 years of experience in complex systems design and repair. When fast turn-around are essential to your service needs, VMSTEK delivers trust and economical results.

VMSTEK specializes in repair and calibration of many of the following professional products:

  • DK-Technologies: Most MSD-series audio meters
  • Tektronix: 1705 and 1705A spectrum monitors
  • Tektronix: 576, 370 and 370A Semiconductor curve tracers
  • Many different brand linear and switch-mode power supply repair/calibration up to 1000W.


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