Video Measurement Repair & Recalibration

Service and Repair Experts for DK-Technologies Professional Products, Jünger Audio Equipment, and Tektronix® Legacy Broadcast Products.



Professional Products
  • MSD600M Meters
  • PTO600M Meters
  • MSD200 Meters
  • MSD800 Meters
  • Color Analyzers
  • Video Sync and Test Generators



Tektronix® Legacy Video
Test And Measurement Equipment

*1705, 1705A

Jünger Audio

  • Jünger Digital Audio Processor Devices
  • T*AP : 8ch TV Audio Processor (LM2/LM4/LM4_2ch)
  • M*AP : 8ch Monitoring Audio Processor
  • D*AP Digital Audio Processor (LM2/LM4/LM4_2ch)
  • T*AP : 8ch TV Audio Processor
  • C8086+: 8ch Level Magic™ II board for C8000 systems
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